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Walking Poles

After a recent festival, one of the walk leaders expressed his concern about the danger to walkers caused by other walkers’ walking poles and sticks. As you can see from the photo at the top of the page, walking poles are very popular and are a great help when walking in this area.  

We asked our resident poet, Steve Middleton, to come up with good advice for walking pole users and this is his poem:

A Pole Poem.

Walking poles are really great,
They stop you falling down,
By helping ease your crackling knees
They banish many a frown.

But keep the points in front of you,
Don't wave them up behind,
Or else you may kebab a friend
Or render them quite blind.

Especially when you mount a stile,
Watch where you put your point,
A careless pole stuck in a rear
Is bound to disappoint.

Just plant them well ahead of you,
Left, Right, One, Two, One ,Two,
Then we'll avoid fatalities
By running people through.

© Steve Middleton 2015