Accessibility Statement

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How to join a walk

All walks must be pre-booked and numbers are limited. We use a booking agent,   Click on the button to book but please note that bookings for the festival do not open until Monday 3rd February at 10am. Walks and other events can be booked directly via the button link to Bradsons. We hope you will find this a simple and efficient way to book your walks. If you would prefer not to book online using a credit or debit card, you may also book by telephone.  

You may also pay by cheque: telephone Bradsons first ( 01749 813 899) to make your booking and then send the cheque to them.

If you book to walk in one of our festivals, we take this to mean that you have read this page and agreed with our terms and conditions as stated here.

Which walk is for me?

The walk grades are described below. Please check the mileage for each walk and be sure that it is within your own capabilities. Although the walk leaders will do their best to set a pace to suit everyone, it is important to be sure you are fit for the walks you choose. Some people visiting Northumberland for the first time have been surprised by the wild beauty and the fact that very few footpaths have firm, dry surfaces! Do not let this deter you from booking.

Walk Grades

Please read the detailed instructions for each walk, as well as the grade, to make sure you choose a walk to suit you. If walkers all book themselves on appropriate walks, it makes it easy for leaders to set a pace that suits each group. If you are unsure about a walk, please telephone us and discuss this.

Easy - Grade 1 Easy. Lower-level routes without steep climbs, taken at a relaxed pace and suitable for less experienced and less fit walkers.

Moderate - Grade 2 Moderate Walks suitable for people with some walking experience. There may be short ascents and descents, and could include open moorland.

Energetic - Grade 3 Energetic Walks suitable for regular walkers who can manage longer distances and are used to open rougher terrain with some steeper climbs and descents.

Strenuous - Grade 4 Strenuous Walks suitable for regular walkers with a good level of fitness and stamina to cover longer distances at a brisk pace, including steep climbs and descents, in open country without defined paths.

Ascents and descents

We give the approximate ascents and descents for each walk. If you do not like hills, make sure you choose a relatively flat walk. Current descriptions are:

  • Nothing stated
  • ~1,000 ft of ascent or descent
  • ~2,000 ft of ascent or descent


The spring is often a very good time for walking in this area. If we are unlucky and have bad weather, you will find each walk tougher than described.

What should I wear?

We recommend that all walkers wear comfortable and supportive footwear. In practice this nearly always means walking boots with good ankle support. Please also remember suitable clothing such as waterproofs and sunhats. Waterproofs are essential on ALL walks. Please be aware that if there has been a lot of rain that some routes may be muddy and gaiters provide good protection. Denim jeans are unsuitable for the sort of walking we do, because the material becomes heavy and clings when wet. A day pack for packed lunch, drinks and extra clothing is recommended. Walk leaders reserve the right to refuse to take anyone on the walk if they are not adequately equipped or if they place their own or the safety of other walkers at risk. This is particularly important on the longer more strenuous walks, where there are unlikely to be “escape points” where walks can be shortened.

Do I need to bring anything?

Some walks will indicate that you need to bring a packed lunch. It is always very important to bring plenty to drink. If you use medication (e.g. for asthma) please don’t forget to bring it with you. You may also like to bring a camera to capture the wonderful views along your walk. You may need sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent, gloves, warm hats, etc.

Medical conditions

If you have a medical condition that does not stop you walking, but might, on a rare occasion, cause you some difficulties, then please tell the leader about it confidentially at the beginning of the walk. If you have medication, please remember to bring it with you and carry it in the top pocket of your backpack. This is where we will look first if you take ill

In Case of Emergency (ICE)

Please put a small card with contact details in the top of your backpacks. If you hold the information on you mobile ‘phone, please make it accessible even if the ‘phone is locked. See this link for more information.

Which walks can children do?

Children over the age of 7 are welcome on the easy or moderate walks if they are accompanied by a responsible adult. They must wear appropriate clothes and footwear. The accompanying adult will be responsible for the welfare and supervision of the child/children at all times. Each child must have a booked place on the walks. Please tell us if you book a child on a walk.

Are dogs allowed?

The presence of a dog can scatter livestock and wildlife and cause distress, therefore we cannot allow dogs to be taken on any of the walks. We regret any disappointment that this may cause.


If it is possible, we arrange for the starting points of walks to be accessible by public transport. Sometimes this is not practical. If you want to come on a walk and have no transport to the starting point, please contact us and we will see if we can arrange a lift for you. Sorry we cannot guarantee this.


Official photographs may be taken during the Festival. Participants must inform us if they do not wish these to be used in publicity. If you see a photograph on this site  that you do not like, either because it is of you, or someone you know, or for any other reason, please let us know and we will consider taking it down.


We regret that we are unable to provide a refund if you have to cancel a walk. We will provide refunds for any walks or activities that we have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. (Be reassured, this is a very rare event.)