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Long distance walking in the UK - Focus on the Pennine Way

Corona virus and the resulting restrictions placed on our travel and activities has made us all turn to our own doorsteps for adventure. There are plenty of adventures to be had in the UK, and in Northumberland in partiuclar! A number of long distance trails pass through our county, all are different and each goes through a varied slice of our fabulous landscape. The Hadrian's Wall Path, the St Oswald's Way, the St Cuthbert's Way - all are wholly, or largely, in Northumberland. But the UK's first, and probably best known, long distance path also comes through our region - the Pennine Way comes accross the North Pennines, more or less following the South Tyne from its source near Garrigill in Cumbria towards its confluence with the North Tyne, the route joining with the Hadrian's Wall Path from the A69 until, near Housesteads, it veers off northwards to Bellingham and the Cheviots. 

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