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 Halty Bear Greeting the Troops on Day 1 of the 2022 Festival

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Our full walks schedule is now available to view! Please see the grid below.

Bookings are now being taken and places are selling fast!

Our long distance adventure this year is the St Oswald’s Way. This is a great chance to walk a substantial portion of a wonderful long distance path.  Our walk will be from Alnmouth to Heavenfield and cover approximately 62.5 miles. The route encompasses some of Northumberland’s most stunning landscapes including coast, woods and moorland.

The logistics of linking transport for the St Oswald’s Way are not easy to pull off as the route passes through some remote areas of the county.  This is the ideal opportunity to let us organise things for you.

On Days 1 to 4 (inclusive), we will travel by car to the finish point each day to pick up a coach to take us to the starting point. On Day 5, we will meet in Haltwhistle. A coach will take us to the start and bring us back to Haltwhistle at the end.

You may book for as many days as you wish but each day needs to be booked separately. Why not set yourself the challenge of completing all 62.5 miles?!

Whatever your level of fitness or interests there are 27 different waks on offer, so there is sure to be something for everyone.

Please click on a walk number for full description. Walks in Purple can be accessed without private transport

Date  Long Walk Shorter Walk Specialist Walk
 Sat. 22nd April  Walk 1: Cauldron Snout (approx 10.5 miles)  Walk 2: Lynnshield Waterfall (approx 8 miles)  Walk 3: Mosses & Lichens (approx 6.5 miles) SOLD OUT
 Sun 23rd April

 Walk 4: Follies of Hartburn & Rothley (approx 11.5 miles)

 Walk 5: Hiking Through Hamlets (approx 7 miles)  
 Mon 24th April  Walk 6: Kiplaw Moss & Ayle Common (approx   11.5 miles)  Walk 7: Colwell & Hallington Resevoir (approx   7.5 miles)  Walk 8: Singing Walk (approx 4.5 miles)
 Tue 25th April  Walk 9: Woolsingham & The Elephant Trees   (approx 9.5 miles)  Walk 10: Walltown & The Vallum  Walk 11: Ladycross Nature Reserve (approx 5.5  miles)
 Wed 26th April  Walk 12: Around The Wall (approx10.5 miles)  Walk 13: Muggleswick & Edmundbyers (approx   8 miles)  Walk 14: Cumbria Rocks! (approx 6.5 miles)
 Thur 27th April  Walk 15: St Oswald's Way - Day 1 (approx 12   miles) SOLD OUT  Walk 16: Corbridge, Castles & Kilns (approx 8   miles)  Walk 17:  Epiacum (approx 6 miles)
 Fri 28th April Walk 18: St Oswald's Way - Day 2 (approx 12   miles)  SOLD OUT  Walk 19: Talkin Circular (approx 7.5 miles)  Walk 20: Cambo Tea Walk (approx 6 miles)
 Sat 29th April  Walk 21: St Oswald's Way - Day 3 (approx 15   miles)  Walk 22: Steer Me to the Crags (approx 9 miles)  Walk 23: Birds in Hadrian's Wall Country   (approx  5.5 miles)   SOLD OUT                       
 Sun 30th April  Walk 24: St Oswald's Way  - Day 4 (approx 11   miles) SOLD OUT  Walk 25: Irthing Valley Circular (approx 7 miles)  
 Mon 1st May  Walk 26: St Oswald's Way - Day 5 (approx 12   miles) SOLD OUT  Walk 27: Housesteads to Haltwhistle (approx 7.5   miles)  


 Booking opens on February 1st. You can access Eventbrite by clicking the logo on the right. Eventbrite

You can follow the Festivals on our Facebook page.                                                    Lottery Logo


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