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North Pennines Autumn 2019

  • _DSC7424 Kay and Eric.jpg
  • _DSC7452 Ann Gail moors.jpg
  • _DSC7436 farmhouse vehicles Sinderhope.jpg
  • _DSC7460 Jaqui Rowan Tree Stob.jpg
  • _DSC7430 looking through Sinderhope.jpg
  • _DSC7435 Robert Phillipson Sinderhope.jpg
  • _DSC7458 fairy door Sinderhope.jpg
  • _DSC7447 vet at work.jpg
  • _DSC7415 Burrows.jpg
  • _DSC7465 waterfall Sinderhope.jpg
  • _DSC7455 heather burning.jpg
  • _DSC7412 Cathy.jpg
  • _DSC7451 Ann Jaqui Linda.jpg
  • _DSC7471 Sinderhope Robert P talks.jpg
  • _DSC7472 mine machinery.jpg
  • _DSC7461 Rowantree Stob.jpg
  • _DSC7418 Ann Potter.jpg
  • _DSC7422 Sinderhope Centre.jpg
  • _DSC7456 Sinderhope heather.jpg
  • _DSC7429 Ian and Peter Sinderhops.jpg

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