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We have updated and re-launched many of the 22 original Haltwhistle Rings. We have put lockdown to good use, with volunteers re-walking the routes, checking the styles and gateways, re-routing where necessary, and asking the Council to repair some of the defects we have discovered.

Jan Millward has done a fabulous job, receiving walkers' reports and editing them to her very high standard. Some are ready, and appear here  - download and go! As more become available, they will be posted here too. 

Walkers are reminded that whilst Haltwhistle walking Festival Ltd has used it best endeavours to ensure the details contained are accurate, we cannot, of course, vouch that all details and information will be accurate and up to date at all times. The information is offered in good faith, and is believed to be correct at the time of publication. Haltwhistle Walking Festival Ltd does not accept liability for errors or ommissions, nor for any loss or injury, however caused.

The Haltwhistle Rings take you on routes that include roads, footpaths and in some cases, open access land. Generally speaking, you have the "right to roam" accross designated open access land without having to stick to a footpath, but there are nevertheless restrictions on use. Please see government guidance on how to exercise your right to roam, and please remember that where open access land is privately owned, the landowner does have the right to close it for limited periods. Where this is the case, restrictions must be advertised. 

Below: Joss Mahon checking the route north of Greenhead.

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