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Walking in the Haltwhistle Area - words of advice

Walking in the Haltwhistle Area

Northumberland is a land of contrast shaped not only by nature, but by its history. Its past has included times of lawlessness and violence but also periods of refinement and religion. This region ranges from picturesque river valleys to wild, windswept moors; from woodland to open pasture. Haltwhistle is considered to be the gateway to Northumberland National Park (Northumberland National Park) and Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site (National Trust) (English Heritage) . The Haltwhistle Rings (Haltwhistle Rings) were originally written so that others could experience the pleasure of walking in this unique area. We want you to fully enjoy your walks so here are a few tips to help you on your way.

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If you go down to the woods today......

You may find a Halty Bear or two, having a lovely time!

Horace, Hector, Harriet and His Nibs are just some of the Halty Bears out and about this winter. See them gaily gad about! - Horace is in Haltwhistle, His Nibs is in Hexham, and Harriet is heverywhere! They are getting ready for the Spring 2021 Haltwhistle Walking Festival, April 24th - May 3rd.

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